Adapter Plates

Manual pin and hydraulic


Adapter plates enable the use of other loader attachments with your existing headstock via an interface plate. 

This headstock conversion can be very useful if you have changed the forklift/loader and already have many attachments to suit your old one, if you have multiple forklifts/loaders or plan to share attachments between farms with different loaders. 

Whilst most popular variations are available, there are certain configurations excluded with regard to safety.

For example:

JCB telehandler/Merlo fitting grain bucket. JCB to Merlo adapter required. Configuration safe to use. Capacities of both handlers similar.

Tractor loader & Quickie headstock/Manitou fitting muck fork. Configuration potentially unsafe. Quickie loaders capacity potentially not sufficient to handle a loaded Manitou muck fork.

Please contact us to discuss your queries and  requirements, all models made to order. 

Choice of colour available. 


Volvo to Matbro

Volvo to JCB Q-Fit

Sanderson to Matbro

Manitou to Matbro

Manitou to Merlo

Euro to Merlo

Euro 8 to Matbro pin and cone

Merlo to Matbro 


JCB Q-Fit to Volvo

Chiltern to Merlo

Scorpion (Claas) to JCB Industrial

New Holland to Manitou


Matbro to Scorpion

Matbro to Merlo

Matbro to Euro

Matbro to Manitou

Matbro to JCB

Matbro to Sanderson

JCB Q-Fit to Sanderson

JCB Q-Fit to Matbro

JCB Q-Fit to Volvo

JCB Q-Fit to JCB Standard Toolcarrier 

JCB to Scorpion

JCB to Merlo

JCB to Euro

JCB Q-Fit to Manitou

JCB Compact Toolcarrier to JCB Q-Fit

JCB Compact Toolcarrier to Euro 


JCB Industrial to Kramer 

Merlo to JCB

Merlo to Matbro

Merlo to Euro

Merlo to Manitou

Merlo to Faucheaux

Merlo to MX Chiltern

Quickie to Kramer

Quickie to Scorpion

Quickie to JCB

Quickie to Merlo

Quickie to CAT

Quickie to Matbro

Euro to Kramer

Euro to Scorpion

Euro to Trima

Euro to JCB

Euro to Merlo

Euro to CAT

Euro 8 to Euro 3

Euro 8 to Quickie 3

Euro 8 to Matbro pin and cone 

Euro 7 to JCB Q-Fit 

Euro 8 to Manitou

Euro 8 to Faucheaux 

Euro to Chiltern Max

Euro to Matbro 

Sanderson to Matbro

Sanderson to Manitou

New Holland to Euro

New Holland to Manitou 

CAT to Manitou

Volvo  to Matbro 

Manitou to Matbro

Manitou to Euro

Manitou to Merlo ZM3 

Manitou to Sanderson

Chiltern Max to Euro

McConnel Trima to Euro 8

Volvo to JCB Q-Fit

Chiltern to Merlo

Bomford to Euro

Dieci Apollo to Euro 8 

Deutz to Manitou

Bobcat to Euro 

Kramer to Euro

Faucheaux to Euro 

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