Front & Rear Options


Take drilling into a one-pass system with this front mounted low disturbance toolbar and soil loosener. 

  • Ideal for use with trailed drills, combination drills, power harrows and mounted disc cultivators
  • Choice of low disturbance points, with or without 460mm diameter discs and the option to add a front mounted hopper
  • Acts as ballast on the road and headlands and when in work restores the 60:40 ratio of the tractors weight
  • Depth wheels castor and the legs pivot to enable the Mantis to steer 
  • Front discs stop legs gathering trash


Helps to eliminates compaction, to be used in front of trailed drills and discs providing a flexible solution for crop establishment. 

  • Headland wing folding for tight turning
  • Rear Walterscheid width adjustable CAT 2/3 rear linkage 
  • Low disturbance legs
  • Pneumatic depth wheels
  • 460mm diameter serrated straight discs 
  • Legs and discs lift and lower independtly without affecting trailed drawbar height 


3m Rigid 6 legs

4m Hydraulic folding 8 legs working width - transport width under 3m

6m Hydraulic folding 12 legs working width - transport width under 3m









4m Hydraulic folding 8 legs working width - transport width under 3m

6m Hydraulic folding 12 legs working width - transport width under 3m


Both with either Snapbar shear legs or auto reset legs

NEW Snapbar replaces the conventional shear bolt/bar arrangement to provide a user friendly, faster and cheaper alternative. Available in a range of strengths with 3 x use per bar this innovative system eliminates all the stresses and strains traditionally associated with replacing shear bolts/bars.

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