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2024 – 3m, 6-leg, Auto-Reset Min-Dis

2023 6m, 12 – leg Assist (Ex Demo)

2024 – 3m, AR Multi-Till 5T

2023 – Ex-Demo, 4m, 8-leg Assist Compact shear bolt


Our range of cultivation products is focussed around low disturbance and one-pass systems designed to offer cost efficiency while promoting better soil health and yield.

From the front mounted Mantis to the versatile Multi-Till, our minimum disturbance cultivators offer a variety of options and because we design and build 100% in-house we can tailor our machines to your specific needs for maximum effectiveness and adapted to your local ground type. Our knowledgable staff are more than happy to offer advice. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Which Cultivator?


The Multi-Till offers 5 cultivation options

Remove Wheelings

The Prevent Track Eradicator relieves compaction in wheelings

Front Mounted

The Mantis is our front mounted cultivator leaving the rear free for a secondary attachment

Heavy Compaction

The Drag is effective in relieving heavy compaction / drying out prior to cultivation on harvested potato fields. Primarily designed to lift and shatter the compacted soil, aerate and assist in drying out ahead of root crop cultivation. Roller options include the Agri-Packer roller and toothed and güttler options

Deep Working

The Heavy Subsoiler runs deep through the soil, up to 22” in depth. This alleviates compaction in the soil, helping root, oxygen and water penetration making conditions better for crop establishment. The following packer then leaves a level, weather proof finish with drainage channels for water run-off.

Minimum Disturbance

The Min-Dis Low Disturbance Subsoiler is designed to lift and alleviate compaction and promote soil structure while causing minimum disturbance to the top layer of soil

One Pass

The Assist and ASL both allow for the trailing of  a drill or disc cultivator to enable a one-pass system


The Min-Dis, Min Disc and Multi-Till all have trailed versions

What is Minimum Disturbance?

Discover why Low Disturbance cultivation is beneficial

Introducing ODS

All our cultivation range (with the exception of the Min-Dis Grassland)  features  the Oblique Disc System.

This introcduces a 7° angle to the leading disc edge which offers two benefits over the traditional in-line disc set up.

The angle increases the cut slot from 5mm to 40mm meaning a better aligned gap for the following leg to pass through reducing drag.

It also moves and cuts more trash from the path of the leg allowing it to pass along better with greater efficiency.

Diagram of Agriweld Oblique Disc System

Allows for the towing of equipment behind the toolbar to enable a one-pass system

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Designed to run in conjunction with a mounted combination drill, or trailed drills/cultivators

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Lifts and shatters compacted soil, aerate and assisst in drying out

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Heavy Subsoiler

Runs up tp 22″ deep through the soil. to alleviate compaction in the soil and inprove soil health

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Make drilling a one-pass system with this front mounted low disturbance toolbar.

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Min Disc

Cultivate the worthy top layer of tilth and combine the stubble and soil for seed growth prior to drilling

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Lift and alleviate compaction and promote soil structure. Arable and Grassland Versions

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Multi Till

The Multi-Till offers 5 cultivation options in one machine with trailed or fixed versions available

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The Prevent alleviates compaction from wheelings while allowing the towing of an implement

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Leg Protection

Our Universal Socket design offers the ability to specify whichever leg option suits the customers needs.


The budget conscious option

Auto Reset

Hydraulic Leg offering autonomous variable pressure leg protection

Snap Bar

Toolless Snap-bar changing offering greater longevity than the Shear-Bolt

Demo's available

We offer working demonstrations of our cultivation machines on your own land to give you the chance to see how they perform before you buy.

Contact us today to arrange a demo.

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