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Weighing Things Up

Agriweld Weight Blocks offer a comprehensive range of weights designed to fit all types of tractors, from Front-Linkage and Bolster to wafer weights.
Such is the quality of our weights that we are the only company trusted enough to  supply some of the biggest tractor brands in the world through our official UK partnerships with Argo and AGCO covering some of the most renowned tractor brands in the world.

Linking Up

Our transport boxes can be fitted to Standard front linkages and non-standard so can be used on any tractor brand on the market.

Weight options

Agriweld weight blocks come in a variety of sizes and designs to offer a large choice. With weights from 300kg to 3500kg we can tailor most to your exacting requirements. We have Variweights that offer the ability to change weight on the fly, either in the form of a Water Variweight or the Wheel Guard Variweight with removable side-pods.

A little Extra?

We offer a comprehensive range of options and upgrade across our Weight Box range, from LEDs and stainless steel faceplates to bumper bars and backlit logos. We can even go bespoke if you need something a little different. Our design team can advise you through the process and make sure we give you a weight to your exact standards.

Agriweld Weight Block on Valtra

Key Features

Paint Choice

Colour it how you want

Custom Faceplate

Logo or name of your choice


Increased visibility on the road

Standard Features

  • Fixed side Amber LEDs
  • Paint colour choice
  • Grease Gun holder
  • Reflective Chevrons
  • 7 Pin Plug
  • Gas Strut
  • Centre Marker Rod
  • Shackle Points

Optional Extras

  • Front fixed White LEDs
  • Front Amber flashing LEDs
  • Stainless Steel Faceplate
  • Backlit LED faceplate
  • Isolator Switch
  • Bumper Bar
  • Special Edition Paint
McCormick Branded Agriweld Weight Block

Standard Front Linkage

Our Most Popular Weight block available in a choice of weight from 1000kg – 2000kg.

Agriweld Weight block on Fendt Tractor ploughing field
Agriweld Weight Block
Wilfred Scruton branded weight blocks from Agriweld


The compact weight block offers a choice for those wanting a smaller & lighter weight block. Perfect for smaller tractors or areas with narrower working areas. FIts Standard Front Linkage and available in 500kg – 1000kg weight.

Fend ttractor with agriweld compact weight

Wheel Guard Variweight

The Wheel Guard Variweight helps reduces risks and current high profile safety issues relating to potential highway collisions. Our Wheel Guard System is intended to guard the tractor’s front tyres to protect other road users. Combined with variable weight configurations, the Wheel Guard Variweight provides a fresh method to fulfil the varying ballast needs of farmers today whilst addressing the related H & S issues associated with the use of tractors on the public highway.

Agriweld wheelguard variweight with Claas branding

Water Variweight

Our Water Variweight Block is available in 3 base weights  that can be filled with water to increase their weights offering flexibility depending on your needs at the time.

700kg fills up to 1000kg

850kg ffills up to 1250kg

1000kg fill up to 1400kg

The Water Variweight feature water inlet and outlet bungs for easy filling and draining (we recommend draining or adding antifreeze during winter months).

Agriweld Weightblock with Mzuri branding in meadow

Bolster & Subframe

We can offer weight blocks in non-standard mounting too.
Bolster/tombstone mounted are suitable for for 8RX, 9RX style tractors.
A chassis mounted version fixed via the subframe is available for machines such as Challengers.
*No shackle points on these models
Agriweld Heavy Weight


For those wanting more we offer the Heavy  in 2500kg, 3000kg or 3500kg  formats.


Available in Standard Front Linkage only.

The Base Range

The Base weights offers a more simpler option for those wanting to slim down on features, this reflects in a a lower price point than the main range.

The weight is variable in each box meaning the less weight, the more storage space.

  • Laser Cut Faceplate
  • Paint colour choice
  • Reflective Chevrons
  • Gas Strut (excluding Compact)
  • Amber Side Reflectors
  • Lid Seal
  • Rubber floor lining
Agriweld Base Weight in Red and Grey
Agriweld Compact base Weight with open lid showing interior

The Base Compact

The Base Compact  offers a smaller weight for those requiring a little less. With variable weight option between 400kg and 700kg.

Agroweld Base Compact weight front view on Valtra

The Base

Available in weight from 700kg to 1250kg

Available in Standard Front Linkage only.

Close up of Agriweld Base Weight on a Valtra Tractor

Make it your own...

With paint and faceplate design included in the price you can stand out from the crowd

Order yours today

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