The Prevent Track Eradicator is designed to alleviate compaction caused by tractor wheelings


Available Width






Max Working Depth

Prevention is better than cure

Agriweld’s Prevent Track Eradicator is designed to alleviate compaction caused by the tractor tyres or tracks. Allowing for the towing of additional equipment behind the toolbar, such as a drill or disc cultivator, it is intended to remove wheel track compaction. It can be also be used to remove tramlines. 

An optional mini packer roller behind each set of legs helps firm down the lifted area and helps to stop water runoff during use in tramlines. The leg combined with a standard issue GLX type point drives through the soil at a maximum depth of 300mm. Angled wings on the point lift the soil before it sits back down causing a shattering effect, alleviating compaction.


The Prevent features a rear hydraulic supply unit that comes with 4 double acting services,  3/4″ free-flow return and a 7 pin socket.


The 4 legs are mounted on a hook-on leg socket that offers multiple width settings to cater for any type of tractor or wheeling width.
Height can be adjusted as well using the clip on collars fitted to the hydraulic rams.
The Prevent also features a height adjustable towing clevis with 50mm pin.

Leg Options

The Prevent Track Eradicator offers a choice of 3 leg options. Shear-bolt, Snap-Bar™ or Auto-Reset. The Auto-Reset option also gives the ability to lift the legs out of work to run disc only, offering even more flexibility.


An optional extra is a leading row of ODS discs before the leg designed to shift trash from the leg path when direct drilling.

See it in Action

Key Features


Rear supply 4 double acting services

Towing Clevis

height adjustable 50mm pin


Hook on legs offer adjustable widths

Standard Features

  • 4 Width adjustable legs
  • Rear Hydraulic with 4 services
  • Interchangeable Towing Clevis
  • 12 Month Manufacturers Warranty

Optional Extras

  • Auto-Reset Leg Protection
  • Snap-Bar™ Leg Protection
  • Shear-Bolt Leg Protection
  • ISOBUS extension harness
  • Adjustable rear linkage (CAT 2/3)
  • 5th Double acting hydraulic service
  • Rear implement brake coupling
  • Additional legs
  • Scharmüller 80mm ball hitch
  • Leading Row of ODS Discs
Agriweld Prevent from the rear

Leg Protection

Our Universal Socket design offers the ability to specify whichever leg option suits the customer’s needs.


The budget conscious option

Auto Reset

Hydraulic Leg offering autonomous variable pressure leg protection

Snap Bar

Toolless Snap-bar changing offering greater longevity than the Shear-Bolt

Available Models


Rigid Body, 4 legs

The Prevent Compact

The Prevent Compact is a slimmed down, closer coupled version of the full Prevent Track Eradicator.

Prevent Compact on Valtra tractor

Keeping it simple

The Prevent Compact features 4 Grubber tines that alleviate wheel compaction by working the ground 100-150mm deep. The Tines are mounted on a Flexi-Mount system to compensate against rock strikes. The Compact features 3 point linkage and leaves the PTO shaft free for use allowing for the mounting of implements such as drills or Power harrows.

Shear-Bolts can be added as an optional extra.


(Please Note: The wings are bolted on for ease of transport. Some self-assembly is required on arrival)

Prevent Compact
Prevent Compact grubber tines

Demo's available

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