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We offer demonstrations of our cultivation range to show you the capabilities on your own land.  Its the perfect opportunity to see what works for you to give you peace of mind before you buy.

Demo booking procedure

Thank you for your interest regarding a demonstration on your farm for one of our cultivation machines. Please find a step-by-step guide for our demonstration booking procedure below:

Demos are available across the UK. For Demos in other areas please contact us.

• We ask all our customers requesting a demo on their own farm to pay for the transportation cost from our yard to their farm for the demonstration. Depending on the distance involved and size of the product, this may be via an external haulier or by our own methods.

• Your request for demonstration is required in writing via email if possible. Please provide an order number if required.

• We will obtain the best rate for delivery which is invoiced on a pro-forma basis, at cost. Please make payment in full to enable us to book the haulage for your demonstration in advance.

• The machine is delivered to your farm at a mutually agreed date where we will meet you to set up the machine, perform the demonstration and answer any queries you may have.

• If you wish to purchase the machine that was used for the demonstration and it is available for you to do so, the haulage price you have already paid will be deducted from the agreed price of the machine.

• If you do not wish to purchase the machine at that time, or the machine has to be returned for other reasons, we will pay the return haulage cost. However, the initial haulage cost that you paid for the demonstration will not be refunded.

• If you decide to order a machine at a later date on the back of the demonstration (strictly within 12 months of the demonstration), we will pay half the revised haulage cost to deliver the new machine to you at the same postcode as a gesture of goodwill.

• Any damages incurred to the machine on demonstration whilst in your care, other than the wearing of points and minor paint damages, may need to be charged for at cost. This will be invoiced after a repair assessment has been undertaken when the machine has been returned. We ask that the invoice is paid within 14 days of the date on the invoice. Thank you for your understanding.

• Whilst it is in your care you agree our product will be covered by your insurance policy against third party, fire and theft.

We feel that our demonstration terms stated above are fair practise for all. If you would like to proceed with your request for demonstration, please confirm below with details of the product and your full invoice/delivery address and signature to enable us to make the necessary arrangements.


Need to speak to us about a demo?

Give us a call 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday

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